Geneve Letheanne Colmiste (seung_mina) wrote,
Geneve Letheanne Colmiste


I can't believe my lj is still alive. I have abandon this for soo long. My friends I miss you all But I've been manipulated by facebook!
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*shakes fist*
As usual you're the only one that ever answers to my call :) I feel loved *hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs*** Hey are you still living on the same address?? You're birthday is coming up and i want to send you something :D
Since you are always on facebook, I could direct you to my profile which has my address.... but I'll put it here so you don't go off on a tangent while in facebook XP

Hiram Velez
104 Ogden St.
Bridgeport CT 06608

And now your other LJ readers know my address too, haha.
Ohhh hahahah!! That sounds like a different address..hmmm maybe just me, I have your other addresses but just to make sure :D Thanks!! And I doubt my people will ever see your addy so don't worry!
heyyyy happy birthday, sexay!! ^_^ add me on facebook. XD "Jaclyn Joiz Mago"