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Birthday blues

I haven't been here for long. I barely exist to you my friends. Well, my birthday is going to be tomorrow. A lot has happened lately and just when i think that some poeple are my friends, i feel so betrayed. How can anyone think of bailing out on me on the last moment.

Here's the full story just ranting. Skip now. I'm just writing this to vent out: you guys don't have to read this. Anyways, I was holding a MURDER MYSTERY DINNER PARTY for this sat (which is postponed to a different date). I was writing the script and I was trying so hard, sleepless nights and all. Anyways, two of my other friends are responsible for each duty that they volunteered to do. I was doing the script, one of my friend was going to buy the cake and the other was supposed to cook us the fancy dinner.

To make the long story short, my friend that was supposed to do the cooking bailed on me because she couldn't get her way. She asked me to collect $10-15 from my friends just so we can have that fancy dinner when she found out that it was gonna cost a fortune. I liked the idea and all but what i didn't like is the fact that my friends has to pay??? What kind of a party is that? They're already thinking of buying a gift which isn't necessary but payment just to go there?? That's pathetic. I didn't go with it but i tried anyways. I felt so bad. However, most of my friends couldn't pay, I understand why. So when I told her this, she just spazzed at me. Her words were so painful to bare.

She's like " That's fine then. I won't go. Just go and have fun without me, ok?" I asked her to come because i needed her there because she's my friend and she's like "No you don't, you have everybody there. You don't need me there so i just won't come. I'll treat you out in a restaurant or something-just you and me" Then I told her that the money i was going to buy to get that sexy dress (i'm the hostess) i'll give it to her to get the food but she still disagreed.

So, after that, I was on my own. I had the script to finish, and now i have to worry about getting all the food. But thank goodness some of my friends are valuable. They decide to help me, gave me ideas and for that i'm very grateful and I'll never forget their kindness. But my birthday party is postponed to a different date which means i can put more effort to it. I'll try posting some pics if I can. I wasn't gonna reveal this, but since the party is postponed, i'm writing a new script. The victim was a model, and the murderer was the politician. Yeah, so you guys won't even know what i'm talking about cuz i have no script and that's the only info i can say.
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